Mustang & Co. is operated by husband and wife team - Shayne and Lisa Cunningham. The business began in 2015 when Shayne was lucky enough to purchase his dream car, - a beautiful 1966 Mustang Convertible which he affectionately calls "Betty".

Being part of a wedding day, Birthday celebration, wedding anniversary, or first time visit to the Geelong Region is very rewarding. Mustang & Co. are in the business of making people happy.

Lisa and Shayne were both born in Geelong, so they know the region very well. They have travelled the world - Shayne worked as the Floor manager at London Hard Rock Cafe in the 80s. 

Lisa has visited 52 countries and lived in Canada for 12 months.  They know what it is to provide good service and look after the tourists and the locals in equal measure. 


Currently Lisa sits on the Board of Greater Geelong and Bellarine Tourism. She also acts as a tour guide when the international cruise ships come into Geelong Port. 


Sustainability and the environment are important to us; each year we make a financial contribution to "Greenfleet" to offset the carbon units that are generated whilst we are on the road. We selected Greenfleet as they plant forest and bush along the Great Ocean Road.


Mustang & Co. go to the extra lengths to make each and every booking the very best experience possible.

Shayne and Lisa Cunningham In Betty

Lisa and Shayne Cunningham

Dressed 60s style for Gala Day 100 year Celebrations

Shayne and Lisa Cunningham

Bells Beach, Great Ocean Road Tour