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Our StoryShayne and Lisa Cunningham In Betty

Mustang & Co. is operated by husband and wife team - Shayne and Lisa Cunningham. The business began in 2015 when Shayne was lucky enough to purchase his dream car, - a beautiful 1966 Mustang Convertible which he affectionately calls "Betty".


Being part of people's special wedding day, Birthday celebration, wedding anniversary, or first time visit to the Geelong Region is very rewarding. Mustang & Co. are in the business of making people happy.


Shayne and Lisa have one little boy Xavier, who loves attending the Geelong Gala Day parade. As a toddler he always said how he wanted to "be in the parade". In 2016 Xavier's dream come true when Lisa entered the Mustang in the 100 year Gala Day celebrations. The theme was based around "Elvis and Priscilla Presley", and Xavier proudly sat up front dressed as mini Elvis. This event was a real thrill for the extended family and friends that participated in the parade dressed in the 1960s clothing (some belonging to Lisa's Mum).


In 2017 Mustang & Co. became finalists in the Tourism category of the prestigious "Geelong Excellence Awards" amongst much larger, well established companies. Lisa and Shayne are both born and breed in Geelong, so they know the region very well. Mustang & Co. go to the extra lengths to make each and every booking the very best experience possible.

Lisa and Shayne Cunningham

Dressed 60s style for Gala Day 100 year Celebrations

Junior Elvis

Bells Beach, Great Ocean Road Tour